May 9, 2008

Shawn From

E-Mail from Shawn:

There's a problem, however, as I need to know how to hook up with a lady friend of mine. We've been close friends for about two years. That's the first mistake and, yes, I know that once the "friendship line" is crossed it’s hard to go back.

She's about an 8.0 and lately I've been getting these "urges" (I want to sleep with her). So, basically I need to know how to get her to jump back to the other side of the "friendship line" again. I've been doing the Cocky and funny routine for a while, she gets a kick out of it and it always brings a laugh and a long-lasting smile to her face. I'm constantly unpredictable -- always changing. Once she thinks she has me figured out, I switch it up again. Also, when she acts like she's really mad at me, I ignore her and let her have her little temper tantrum. I just simply walk away from her -- and she hates it! She's always saying "I hate it when you never give in!" and that’s how I know I'm doing a good job.

She said it'd be "too weird" for us to be together since we're such "good friends." Dave, is there something I can say to her to change her mind

This is my advice to you Shawn:

You're on the right track with this girl.

Next time she says something like, "I've thought about kissing you," you should say, "You're probably not that good of a kisser anyway," and change the subject. Then tease her about it later.

This sets up a challenge in her mind, and it will work wonders if done correctly.
Finally, say "Come here" and tell her to close her eyes. Lean in really close like you're going to kiss her, so she can feel your lips just touching hers, then lean back and say "never mind, I still bet that you don't know how to kiss.”

Get it?

After you do this three or four times, lean in to smell her neck. That should do it for you.

Yours Truly'
Jack Ass Author.


Shawn said...

hahaha...u really posting this..silly ;p

Author of said...

ha ha ha..and i don't care long as i get the attention for doing this i will wawawawa'