May 26, 2008

Nobody’s Watching Grey’s Anatomy Anymore

Hey, remember Grey’s Anatomy? That show with the doctors and Patrick Dempsey and that one anorexic chick who looks about 30 years to old to be an intern? I guess it’s still on TV, it’s just that nobody’s watching it.

Grey’s audience was down 23% this year, and it dropped out of the top 10. The season finale last week averaged 14.8 million viewers, an all-time low for the series. Granted, these are still HUGE numbers (for comparison, Gossip Girl only averages 2.2 million viewers) , but they’re nothing compared to where the show used to be.

Why did you guys stop watching Grey’s?

Where's Samantha?

Lindsay walked the red carpet solo at the Dolce and Gabbana party at Cannes.

Well, I suppose she did bring her legs. Do those things have their own table? Man. A skirt that short makes it tricky to tape your flask to your inner thigh. But I suppose there’s still plenty of room in there for a couple of baggies of cocaine.

I was really hoping she’d show up hand-in-hand with Samantha. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Oh, and she was also wearing a ring on her ring finger. It doesn’t look much like an engagement ring to me, but I suppose it’s my duty to bring it to you. Heh heh. I said doody.