May 26, 2008

Nobody’s Watching Grey’s Anatomy Anymore

Hey, remember Grey’s Anatomy? That show with the doctors and Patrick Dempsey and that one anorexic chick who looks about 30 years to old to be an intern? I guess it’s still on TV, it’s just that nobody’s watching it.

Grey’s audience was down 23% this year, and it dropped out of the top 10. The season finale last week averaged 14.8 million viewers, an all-time low for the series. Granted, these are still HUGE numbers (for comparison, Gossip Girl only averages 2.2 million viewers) , but they’re nothing compared to where the show used to be.

Why did you guys stop watching Grey’s?


Ernestine said...

It became overly-slutty, the writing turned from clever to cloying, and it’s basically emotionally-manipulative with no intellectual payoff.

In my opinion, at least.

quirkygirlkitten said...

it sucks donkey balls, IMO.

Lah-Dee-Dah said...

When Private Practice happened.

Urgh! said...

It was getting ridiculous. Still kinda is, although I loved Alex last night toward the end. That guy (Justin Chambers) needs more airtime to show off his talent like last night. Awesome.
I still watch, but I just use my DVR to record it and watch whenever nothing else is on…I used to HAVE to watch it right as it came on!

Paige said...

A) I’ve never seen a work environment where everyone has slept with one and, in this case, maybe two, three, or four co-workers. Unrealistic and trashy.
B) The on again/ off again Meredith/ McDreamy thing has been far too drawn out and people are bored with it.

I only watched the finale this season… and it was only because The Office’s season had already ended and I was bored.

Carlos said...

While I still watch it, I just don’t watch it on T.V. anymore. I watch it online because I get busy during the week and um, hello?! Less commercials. But I also agree with Paige’s number 2…the whole McDreamy and Meredith thing is kinda lame at times. It’s so back and forth and McDreamy was starting to look like a dog that was asking to be kicked. C’mon give the man some dignity and Meredith some balls to make a decision. I think they need to add some new meat to spice things ups Maybe a hot doctor who throws everything off or someone who can just make a decision! I do love the show’s tender moments though and the messages that they send everynow and then.

Anonymous said...

I still watched it :p

Ashley said...

Cua it started to suck BIG TIME!!! Used to love it, haven’t watched it at all this season. Meredith was enough for me-YUCK. :(

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