May 7, 2008

Ass jackers of the day!



The transcript of Paris on Larry is now available. I’ve selected my favourite part to share with you all:

KING: Have you ever been addicted to drugs?


KING: Taken drugs.


KING: Never taken drugs?


KING: Do you know that the organization MADD has had a tough time with you, Mothers Against Drunk Driving?


KING: Feeling that you’ve set a kind of bad example. What are your feelings toward them? Do you plan to work with them?

HILTON: Yeah, I’d love to work with them and I think me, by doing my sentence and doing my time, I have served as a bit of an example and I want to continue to do so.

KING: Do you have a drinking problem?

HILTON: No. Not at all.

KING: You must have had — just this one drink this one time?

HILTON: I’m just — I’m not a big drinker. I’m not really into it. I think socially people do sometimes when they go out but it’s not something that I really care about.

Game Girl: I turned off the TV right after she said that. She says she’s a changed person, but then she gets up there and says she’s NEVER done drugs. So…I guess the pictures and videos of some whore doing drugs that were found in her storage locker (that everyone has seen), were actually just some girl who happens to look exactly like her. Boy, she really IS tricky! She’s so smart and sneaky, she fools us all the time! I feel so stupid. If Larry wanted to ask a real hardcore question he should have asked if she ever sucked a big fat sausage. She even said,''Pot isn’t a drug!" WTF! Don’t forget to turn the TV off the next time you see her, or YOU’LL be a hypocrite!!! Everyone keeps defending Paris with the same line, “So what if she likes to smoke, what is the big deal?” No, it is not a big deal that Paris Hilton has enjoyed a joint once or twice or 152,000 times in her life. The big deal is that she LIED about it. She told her fans that after she was released from jail that she was going to change. (i used to be her fan) Then, during her first big interview after prision, she lies to thepublic. No one expected her to be perfect (at least I never did), so if your going to change, why lie? Admiting you have acted wrong is the FIRST step to changing your life around. Besides, Paris, the fan knows it takes a joint or two to do the things you have done in the past. We are not stupid; Or actually, are we, for giving a hoot what the hell you do? She called Lindsay a bitch, well atleast Lindsay Lohan admitted her pot activities! Im outta 'ere biatch!..lor kira gangster lah tu..huhu~

Paris Hilton: Now With More Herb

Of course after Paris Hilton lied to Larry King and told him that she has never done drugs nor has a drinking problem (which is when both the Beet and I gave up on caring about her interview) various websites have come up with photos and videos of the formerly jailed heiress doing many illegal drugs.

Paris. When something is on the internet it kind of gets around. Sort of like you.

* Paris Hilton saying that she is smoking weed and eating old burgers

* Paris Hilton trying to score “ludes” off some lovely man named Jose who Paris says is “like a pharmacy.”

* Paris outside the Mushroom Gallery of Amsterdam buying and eating shrooms with her former boyfriend Jason Shaw.

* Paris once again in Amsterdam smoking hash from a pipe in Amsterdam and attempting to figure out how to get quality weed back to the US.

* Nicky actually saying to her sister “Do you have herb?” and then going outside with Hilton and friends to toke up. I’m sorry but in all of the times I was around weed nobody called it herb except for serious stoners.

* Paris once again in Amsterdam taking hits off a bong.

I have to say that I “heart” The Smoking Gun. They were one of my first websites to waste time with when I was at my part time office job in college. Simply put…Paris you dumbass don’t say you don’t or haven’t done drugs when you have taped yourself doing them.


Last night ah i went to Kianggeh, makan-makan, minum-minum, and then while we gossiping ah, aiyo! got this big rat bah entered one of the gerai, then ah I asked one of my friend to inform the workers bah.. so they can get rid of the friend ah walked like gay boy ah, approached the worker and told them lah..but ah they do nothing bah..aiyak! bikin my heart panas...luckily i control lawa infront of my friend's friend..still hungry.. belum makan yet so we went Kiulap 24-hours cafe..biar mahal lor asal bersih!!

Second story ah, my fren called me on the phone, she told me that her mother got new boyfriend (since the father already cerai the mother mah) and then ah she asked me what should the father do so he will not tension bah fikir the mother like that..i said ah "hey..if your mother and papa already divorced then why still angry the mother have new boyfriend?" then she told me lah that the father still sayang the mother ..aiyo! banyak kasian eh...father still sayang mother and mother already got new boyfriend..hahaha...Jenn (bukan nama sebenar), i think ah you should tell your father ah like this, "Move On Dude"..or ask your father to siram your mother's boyfriend's car..maybe he will have a second thought to date your mother huhu~ that one jack-ass also mah..

Anger.Managment.Dont.Get.Mad.Get.Even! ah im talking about revenge..Revenge ah very bad one..seems like a negative thing but ah consider that could be indeed, a teaching tool. Some people ah they do things in life, getting away with using and hurting others, all for their own evil, selfish purpose.

What if those people who kena got a little swift jolt of revenge? aiya! pasti baik punya..jahat? saya no jahat one, you see ah..i take one example, if one baby ah, always talk talk bad or curse the adult ah, if you just ask them to shut up, they will do it again and again but ah if you take one hot chilli and put in their mouth, for sure sampai mati will never curse orang tua punya..wa telling you..

so! when people got hurt you ah, don't just get mad...get EVEN! ha ha ha! jack-ass punya style..if you always diam ah when people do evil thing to you, they will surely do it again and youfor sure look stupid!...still you say me jahat? aiya! ok old people always telling you "patient is virtue" (sabar itu separuh dari iman) iyalor! its true but hello!..wake up! this is not cinderella tale, this is real life..real man get even ha ha ha (jack-ass laugh)

PS: if got my friend backstabbed me ah, i stab their kepala ! ha ha ha!