May 7, 2008

Anger.Managment.Dont.Get.Mad.Get.Even! ah im talking about revenge..Revenge ah very bad one..seems like a negative thing but ah consider that could be indeed, a teaching tool. Some people ah they do things in life, getting away with using and hurting others, all for their own evil, selfish purpose.

What if those people who kena got a little swift jolt of revenge? aiya! pasti baik punya..jahat? saya no jahat one, you see ah..i take one example, if one baby ah, always talk talk bad or curse the adult ah, if you just ask them to shut up, they will do it again and again but ah if you take one hot chilli and put in their mouth, for sure sampai mati will never curse orang tua punya..wa telling you..

so! when people got hurt you ah, don't just get mad...get EVEN! ha ha ha! jack-ass punya style..if you always diam ah when people do evil thing to you, they will surely do it again and youfor sure look stupid!...still you say me jahat? aiya! ok old people always telling you "patient is virtue" (sabar itu separuh dari iman) iyalor! its true but hello!..wake up! this is not cinderella tale, this is real life..real man get even ha ha ha (jack-ass laugh)

PS: if got my friend backstabbed me ah, i stab their kepala ! ha ha ha!


truetourheart said...

true true...dont get mad get even! :-D

Anonymous said...

alang2 menyeluk pekasam..hantak ja palanya ma kasut ah..jackass jua hwahwa...gamegirl peweet~ ;p

Game Girl said...

jack ass banar kamu dua nie ;p