May 7, 2008

Paris Hilton: Now With More Herb

Of course after Paris Hilton lied to Larry King and told him that she has never done drugs nor has a drinking problem (which is when both the Beet and I gave up on caring about her interview) various websites have come up with photos and videos of the formerly jailed heiress doing many illegal drugs.

Paris. When something is on the internet it kind of gets around. Sort of like you.

* Paris Hilton saying that she is smoking weed and eating old burgers

* Paris Hilton trying to score “ludes” off some lovely man named Jose who Paris says is “like a pharmacy.”

* Paris outside the Mushroom Gallery of Amsterdam buying and eating shrooms with her former boyfriend Jason Shaw.

* Paris once again in Amsterdam smoking hash from a pipe in Amsterdam and attempting to figure out how to get quality weed back to the US.

* Nicky actually saying to her sister “Do you have herb?” and then going outside with Hilton and friends to toke up. I’m sorry but in all of the times I was around weed nobody called it herb except for serious stoners.

* Paris once again in Amsterdam taking hits off a bong.

I have to say that I “heart” The Smoking Gun. They were one of my first websites to waste time with when I was at my part time office job in college. Simply put…Paris you dumbass don’t say you don’t or haven’t done drugs when you have taped yourself doing them.


Anonymous said...

nice post tash!

Game Girl said...

thanks calling me 'tash"..who r u? coz only those who are close to me calling me by that name :p

Anonymous said...

sorry for the late reply... im one of your fans... lol! how are you tash?

Game Girl said... lol! im not a superstar..nyeh nyeh nyeh

Anonymous said...

but u are to me... i wont tell you who i am... you'll ignore me if i do...

Game Girl said...

err....well then, keep being mysterious lol...just keep reading ma' blog ya'..thanks pal..

Anonymous said...

i will ! ;-) i love u ;-p

Amanda said...

waaa! i wish i've a stalker :-) babe, i like your gossip blog about hilton, can you post something from lindsay? i like her and she seems perfect but maybe theres something i dont like about her, let me! *rasta man-jack-asses*