February 18, 2010

My Hyper Black Lens!

First of all i would like to thank Shamhany Tawakalenterprise (if you guys wanna buy this lens, go search for her in facebook :) She is a very nice lady :)

P/S : This picture is not a before and after photoshop. LOL. My eyes are real. But Hyper Black Lens enhance my eyes....cool ain't it?

my fair skin and the hyper black lens didn't quite match..contrast! hehe.

waaa! my "twinky" is up when i try to act cute..lol..

Oh boy! I can see forehead wrinkles!! OLD ALERT!!!

Ulzzang Wannabe (Part 2)

siapa cakap ada manusia yang "perfect mcm artist korea or jipun?" cos ya they like so lawa brabis dlm movie so banyak org like tergila-gilakan durang like what!! hahahha...anyway, now i prove u that no one is perfect only rich people! LOL.

Utada Hikaru
(Before and After Plastic Surgery - Chin, Eyes & Nose)

(Before and After using Photoshop, Circle Lens and Makeup)

Yuko Ogura
(Before and After Makeup + Photoshop)

Mai Kuraki
(Before and After Plastic Surgery - Nose, Eyes and Chin)

Kimi Koda
(Before and After Makeup and a lil-bit of photoshop :)

Ulzzang Wannabe (Part 1)

*** Ulzzang bermakna "Pretty Face" dalam bahasa Korean!

Jang Nooh Li
(Before and After Makeup + Photoshop)

(Before and After Makeup + Photoshop)

Chin Hee


(Before and After Makeup)

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5 Best Lipstick In The World Of Makeup Countdown!

5. Joli Rouge by Clarins …

Expert’s Opinion:

“It’s just way hot! I don’t understand how a sheer lipstick can be this pigmented? But it is. It’s translucent yet it doesn’t sacrifice the colour. Unlike other sheer lipsticks, I don’t need to reapply it often. So that says its quite lasting too. Now, that is rare for sheer lipsticks.”

- says Jojoba, My Makeup Reviews

Description: Joli Rouge offers an innovative and incredibly creamy, smooth and melting texture with a wonderful sensorial feel on application. The intense colour is enhanced by its shine, to give a really vibrant make-up result. It also cares for lips, providing them with extreme comfort. Finally, Joli Rouge is a delicious treat for lips thanks to its fruity fragrance/flavour.

My Comment: If you’re looking for intense coverage that’s true to the color in the package, Joli Rouge by Clarins is it! This lipstick delivers smooth, moisturizing color that’s totally opaque. It lasts a long time and really gives an eye-popping, dramatic look, but be careful not to get it around the edges of your mouth on your skin… it can be hard to get it off!

My favorite color is Cupidon Red, which is a sexy red shade. If you’re looking for something a little calmer, I also loved the Soft Berry.

Price: $23 at Clarins.com






4. Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick by Elizabeth Arden …

Expert’s Review:

How often do you sip your drink ony to find that your cup is now wearing your lipstick and not you? Yet that wasn’t the case with Color Intrigue Effects. I’d say it lasted a few hours and also avoided feathering and bleeding.”

-says Shannon Nelson from Splendicity

Description: Sensational shades. Lasting color. Intriguing effects. Lavish your lips. New Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick glides on smoothly to hydrate, soften and shine. Creates effects that go from cream to shimmer to shine. Moisturizes with vitamins A and E.

My Comment: Color Intrigue went on smooth, delivered a bright, rich color, and lasted several hours! Also, it didn’t bleed or feather into the skin around my lips, and I love that. I chose Wine Cream, which is a brownish plum. I loved the color and thought it looked very professional… this is one you can easily wear from work all the way into a night out!

Price: $19.50 at ElizabethArden.com






3. Aqualumiere Sheer Colour Lipshine SPF 15 by Chanel …

Expert’s Opinion:

“And if you want to make your lips look wet and juicy this summer, you should opt for Aqualumiere Sheer Colour Lipshine SPF 15. Every shade is uniquely named after a resort island. They are Lipari (a fresh strawberry), Ischia (a rose violet), Porto Rotondo (a vibrant red), Monte-Carlo (a red coral) and limited-edition Salina (a pink beige) and Panarea (a soft brown).”

- from Genius Beauty

Description: A brilliant pop of sheer colour and ultra-creamy texture provide an immediate sensation of softness and comfort. Lips are thoroughly hydrated with a nourishing, soothing and fortifying action.

My Comment: This lipstick has it all… SPF 15 for sun protection, shea butter to keep your lips youthful, and Vitamin E to slow the aging process. Aqualumiere delivers a smooth color and bright shine, but I also like the fact that it’s a semi-sheer.

This means it also allowed my lips to show through a little bit. I liked that look… it looked a bit more natural. My favorite color is Antigua – a rich, creamy pinky-brown.

Price: $28.50 at Chanel.com






2. Dior Addict Lipstick by Dior …

Quote: “I have a suggestion. Dior should just call these lipstick crack. The texture of Addict feels slick and hydrating, and it’s, um, totally addictive, so it’s worthy of its name.

– says, Karen, Makeup and Beauty Blog

Description: Enter the world of Dior Addict and see lipstick in a whole new light. Sexy. Shine-drenched. Sensational. Light-saturated colors. All so fresh and easy to wear, they harmonize with everything. Discover a new way to play with color, a new way to express yourself. Give in. Get addicted.

My Comment: Who’s not a Dior Addict? If you’re not now, you will be after trying this lipstick. Dior Addict is a lightweight, smooth lipstick with good coverage, but the neatest thing to me was the multicolor effect it had when I applied it.

My favorite color is Digital Brown, which is a browny-beige undertone with bronze and red shimmer. I definitely want to revisit this color in the summer when I’ve got a little tan- I think it would look amazing with bronze skin.

Price: $25 at Saks.com






and the WINNER is...........

1. Kiss Kiss Precious Colours Lipstick by Guerlain …

Expert’s Opinion:

“Though the elegance of its formula is evident from first swipe, the high quality of Guerlain KissKiss truly reveals itself after several hours of wear. I tested both the “metallic pearl” and “cream” versions of this lipstick and I’m fully and equally enamored by both.”

- says Jazmin, Makeup Moxie

Description: Kiss Kiss lipstick is an essential everyday accessory. This satin lipstick provides instant and long lasting moisture. Kiss Kiss provides pure comfort and an exquisite, sensual texture for hours.

Available in 30 shades with three tailor made effects: sensual and volatile metallic pearl, glamorous sparkle, or pure cream. Housed in a polished gold lightweight case, its the ultimate in modern luxury.

My Comment: This lipstick just sounds like fun when you read the name! Kiss Kiss Lipstick is easy to apply because it goes on smooth. I thought it had a really elastic quality to it – meaning that it didn’t crack when I smiled. I love that! It also has a sparkle that catches the light when you talk or smile, and it really plumped up the look of my lips. The most flattering color on me was #545 – Beige Strauss, and it went with everything!

Price: $30 at Bloomingdales.com