May 9, 2008


Sometimes I don’t think this guy would get half the press he does if TMZ didn’t have so much fun making up words like “pimpresario” and “sexecutive.” I prefer to call him “jackass.” I imagine his cell mates called him “bitch.” Whatever your special pet name for Joe Francis, he was released from a Nevada jail on $1.5M bail on Monday afternoon. However, officials in Florida still want him for sexual performance with a minor and smuggling sleeping pills into jail. So, with any luck, he’ll be back in jail soon, and I can throw my third “Joe Francis Is Safely In Jail!” party of this year. They’re always a lot of fun. We have chips, dip, tuna sandwich. The usual. Says Joe’s rep:

“We are pleased with today’s decision. The Court conducted a very thorough analysis of the facts and determined that Mr. Francis’ release is appropriate in this case. The Court ruled that the conditions of Mr. Francis’ bail were sufficient to compel Mr. Francis to appear in court and to comply with Court orders. Now this allows us to address the issue of bail in his Florida case.”

Heh. See you back in jail soon, Joey.