May 9, 2008


Do you believe in Karma?

Let me tell you a story about a little car named ChocoMyvi (a new name for N.T's car which she created 5 mins ago)

One day, after a long day at work, N.T returned to her apartment, up the parking lot she drove (her parking lot is on the first level), eager to set her ChocoMyvi into her little space (yes it's a girl) when she spotted something!

Some ChocoMyvi-looking car was already in the space her little ChocoMyvi used to sleep everynight!!!

"OMG, where is my dear Chocie going to sleep tonight!!" N.T said.

So she took out a piece of paper and very reluctantly wrote this down

Hoping that one day the owner don't come back to bash her little ChocoMyvi, she added in a Smiley Face, hoping to sound friendly. N.T is friendly. No, the exclamation marks were not meant to be mean, she was simply in a hyper mood.

So yea, she hope that the Mashi Maro Pillow Owner gets the point and remove her little chocokenari from her ChocoMyvi bedroom.

Here I asked again, do you believe in Karma?

I do. Now.

Two weeks since that incident, N.T woke one morning, walked down to see her ChocoMyvi in her bed comfortably. She guess she was so tired, she was sleeping sideways.

Then N.T saw a note on her little ChocoMyvi backside.

Karma, definitely Karma~~