May 19, 2008

Stupid neighbour

First, let me tell you that this community I live in has a quiet policy that "requires residents to abide by a strict noise policy." but the neighbors next door are the most inconsiderate pieces of shit on the face of the earth.

They pound the bass of their stereos through the walls, stand in the hallway at 2:00 in the morning talking, and echoing their kackeling obnoxious laughs throughout (in which 7 different apartments are affected by). They even leave their door WIDE OPENED while their TV is blaring.

When it comes to parking outside, they park within a 1 foot distance of another car, not giving a shit... like it's completely OK. Even worse, they park on the yellow lines which causes LESS parking spots to be available because cars can't fit. It throws the whole order off so there are big gaps, and small gaps. Gaps not big enough for a car to fit, but big enough to be a waste of space.

Don't people realize that their actions affect others around them? How fucking inconsiderate and incompetent must a person BE to not realize this simple truth? No respect. These people are the reason serial killers exist.