May 19, 2008

People say stupid things - i have a degree

The stupidest comment that I have heard to date is "I have a college Degree!" This fuck up moronic dumbass would always say "I have a College Degree!" Whenever he would make a mistake instead of owning up and correcting it he would just say "I have a College Degree! For example if you said "This order is wrong. This product is defective. The customer asked if you could fix this." You would not recieve an appropriate response instead you would get "I have a College Degree." What the fuck! What the hell does a College Degree have to do with you fucking shit up ass wipe? Just fix your damn mistake, learn from it, and move on. It's almost as if he was aware that he was a total fuck up, naw he was pretty spaced out. I think he thought that by saying he had a College Degree this comment would make everything okay, and everyone would just bow down and back off. Silly ass fuck up! It just made him look even more pathetic, and who gives a shit if you have a piece of paper yet you don't have the mental capacity to back it up. Everyone was wrong in this psycho's eyes, and any help offered to him was wasted. Don't bother trying to help this pitiful mother fucker because not only would you get "I have a College Degree!", but a "I have friends that went to College, and they have College Degrees!" He was eventually fired because he continued to make the same mistakes over and over in spite of his College Degree defense. Needless to say that this pathetic waste of space is 30+ years old lives at home with his mother, has no car, no girlfriend, has nothing.