May 19, 2008

Annoying things people do

Those stupid loud scatterbrained bitches that HAVE to make themselves the center of attention wherever they go by talking loud and doing whatever they have to do to draw attention. Like, talking across a packed room full of people from one side to the other just to ask some meaningless pointless question like "how are you John?... Good? Oh, that's good... How's your sister doing? That's cool..." Drives me fucking crazy! Why can't they just stop being public sluts for 2 seconds.

This is also equivalent to the alleged class clown who tries to be funny every second in class. After the first day it gets old and you just want to sneak up behind him after some stupid outburst and wrap the rope around his neck. Yeah, it's OK to be funny... but come on. When you try so hard everyday, it crosses the line and you just start looking pathetic. Plus, you just get really annoying so if you are one of these two people, do the world a favor and go kill yourself.

p/s: Stupid People Piss Me Off!