May 6, 2008

Between love and lust. Between good and bad.

early this morning ah, I chatted with my bitch (you's know who you are ;p)..he told me ah, he like one girl bah in his school...but the problem is the girl have boyfriend already so he told me what to do with the boyfriend and he asked me to help him get rid of the boyfriend, (thinking: maybe i should kill the boyfriend) hahaha! silly me~ no lah, ofcourse we just play-play in the conversation, afterall we are bitches who can say almost anything to each other..anyway....this bitch of mine ah, also have girlfriend bah but he told me the girlfriend don't care about him, (well...almost all guys gimme' that kind of excuse) hwa hwa hwa! don't terasa ah ;p...well, i, as a girl, i think it's better to keep what you really feel when you know she/he won't be interested, unless you know he/she likes you then you can go I! but i wish you, all the best and good luck...

another story ah, we, have one friend whom we call "bro"..well, story like this...this 'bro' ah,very the baik when kenal him, very decent, very laid back, very cool and got money also ;p but ah,he actually jahat mulut punya orang, always 'umpating' his guy cousins and all..since we thought he is a nice guy so we believe lah, until i make friend with one of his cousin and wala!! he is not the guy who we think he is! he's a Big Fat Pretender! he told us ah he works at "healthcare assistant'', and then ah my friend (also his workmate) told me ah, this 'bro' only work as 'Penyambut Tetamu' wah lao! eh...why mesti hide work as 'Jaga pintu' aiya ! we kena kantoi already...he also pandai ah put story upside down mah, different story here and different story there...that's why lah, doesn't mean that person nampak baik pendiam and jujur, can be trusted! i think i better percaya my gila gila friend..

ok! i think that's all for today..if i have some more story i will tell ah...huhu! opss terlebih sudah ;)