May 6, 2008


Eight teenagers from Florida, accused savagely beating up their classmate in order to film the attack and put it on YouTube...gila man! why sanggup beating up friend just because they want to be famous on gila bah this Americans..You see ah, i story you...the 6 girls are the one that beating up the classmate, and the 2 guys were the one doing the look-outs! (the one who jaga lah while the perempuan pukul habis-habisan the classmate) you notice ah, these teenagers really pure Americans bah, not like how hollywood define the faces of Americans...if you people want to see true Americans, ah you see lorr these tennagers...blonde, pale, muka macam zombie...kwang3x! mau pukul orang, muka pun macam muka homework tak siap! wah lao ey...