May 14, 2008

For Smoker ONLY!

Interactive Tool: Are You Ready to Quit Smoking? - What does this tool measure?

Click here to find out whether you're ready to quit smoking.

This interactive tool measures your readiness to quit smoking. The tool uses the stages-of-change approach, which is based on research about how people typically make behavior changes. The approach suggests that to make positive change, people must go through distinct stages from not thinking about quitting to actually quitting. Based on your answers, this tool will identify the stage you are in and help you think about what to do next.


Anonymous said...

omg! im not ready to stop smoking :( shit man!

HeavySmoker said...

im a heavy smoker...but my result telling me that i am planning to quit smoking which is true...thanks jacker for this useful tips..

Anonymous said...

hey ..

I am new here and i found this forum really intersting , i have been keepp visiting this forum and reading since ages finally i decided to join .
hope to see some more cool stuff in the future